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Treat clients in a trusting environment

Virtual Reality (VR) brings the outside world to the trusting enviroment of your treatment room.
Our immersive experience makes various situations and locations seem real. We provide lifelike experiences for therapy, training and relaxation.

How does it work?

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Petra Fokkema

Cognitive behaviour therapist

“Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) makes controlled practice of coping with frightening situations possible in a familiar environment.”

  • Increase courage and self-confidence

    Clients report an increase in courage and self-confidence when subjected to their fears. VRET consequently removes barriers for further exposure exercises.

  • Efficiency

    Clients can practice more, in less time. There is more time to directly experience the exposure exercises rather than primarily talking about the exercises.

  • Overcome fears

    Angstige mensen hebben de neiging om situaties die ze eng vinden te vermijden. Bij alle soorten angst, komt vermijdingsgedrag in meerdere of mindere mate voor.

  • VR laptop and VR headset
  • Use of our VR library
  • Service and support during working hours
  • Replacement in less than 8 hours in case of emergency

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