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About us, Vrendle

Vrendle offers the perfect VR platform for healthcare organisations and therapists in the (mental) healthcare sector. Vrendle is a library of VR therapies, training sessions and relaxation videos. A rapidly growing number of therapists in the Netherlands are using Vrendle, making it the market leader of the supply and distribution of VR treatments.

Virtual Reality and Blended Care

Vrendle is unique. By introducing new technologies in the healthcare sector, Vrendle is one of today’s leading healthcare innovations. Vrendle combines technology and people. Virtual reality (VR) brings the outside world into the safe environment of the therapy room. That is why virtual reality and existing treatment protocols are combined into a successful VR treatment. The platform can be used by e.g. therapists to help clients face their fears in a safe environment.

Jan Dirk Bijker

"With technology we try to make the world a little bit better"

Daniël Brinckmann

"It's not a holodeck yet, but we are getting there"

Marik gnodde

"There are 360 degrees, so why stick to a part of them?"

Michelle Stuy

"Transporting reality to another dimension"

Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers are the pioneers behind Vrendle. Enthusiastic organisations closely involved in the development of the platform and the therapies. 

Together with Founding Fathers, we develop 360-degree videos for therapies, training sessions and relaxation purposes. With the help of specialists from a range of fields, we think carefully about the structure of the videos and the best possible treatment plan. Would you like to know more about the development of these virtual reality treatments? Read more here!

Meet our partners

Creation of Vrendle

Vrendle was created by Coolminds, an internet agency with more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare sector. Take a look at the timeline of Vrendle’s development below. 

  • Since 2010, our interactive video has been used for various online help platforms, with the aim of providing information and training.

  • In 2013 we experimented with the first VR headset, the ‘oculus rift’. In that year, we developed the concept of VRET in combination with 360-degree video.

  • World first with the first 360-degree video therapy for treating agoraphobia! In addition, the first version of Vrendle was launched.

  • The year 2014. Facebook bought the VR company, Oculus Rift, for two billion dollars. Since then, virtual reality has been completely back 'in the picture’ again.

  • New 360-degree videos fill the online library of Vrendle and are thus available to specialists in the healthcare sector.

  • Milestone! No less than 16 organisations are members of the community. Vrendle contributes to the quality of life of large groups of people in Netherlands.

  • 2010
    Interactive video
  • 2013
    Oculus rift
  • 2014
    World first!
  • 2014
    Virtual Reality
  • 2015
  • 2016


Vrendle wants to give people whose lives are governed by fear a chance to experience the wonders of the world again. With Vrendle, an existing fear treatment can be augmented by combining theory and practice. Healthcare innovations put people first, while technology plays a supporting role. Virtual reality is one of the most important innovations in the (mental) healthcare sector in recent years. We strive to make this technology more accessible and improve the lives of people with fear disorders.  

 Virtually making your life a better reality!