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Frequently asked questions

Virtual Reality is a new concept, so it is not surprising that people have many questions. We have, therefore, listed below the most frequently asked questions about VR, Vrendle and VR videos, answered by our team of VR specialists. Do you still have a question about Virtual Reality or about how Vrendle works? Let us know!

Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality includes all forms of simulated environments where users are immersed in an experience that appears real to them at the moment. We also call this an Immersive Experience. The images you see in the VR headset can be a film, a 3D environment generated by the computer or a combination of both.

Why would you use Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality offers many benefits, depending on the application. Below are a few benefits:


  • Valuable addition to existing treatments to practice situations that would otherwise fall outside the scope of the treatment because it is too expensive or too dangerous.
  • Overcome fears in the safe setting of the therapy room.
  • Can be used anywhere (online/offline).
  • The use of 360-degree video therapy increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the care process.
  • Lifelike (immersive) experience for calling up the desired treatment situation.


  • Lifelike (immersive) experience for direct practice of certain situations.
  • Practice situations that would otherwise fall outside the scope of the treatment because it is too expensive or too dangerous.
  • In preparation for a new situation.


  • Suitable for open days, demonstrations and internal communication.
  • The subject of Virtual Reality in the care sector creates positive publicity.

Curious about the benefits of Virtual Reality within your organisation? Please contact us.

Why is Virtual Reality effective as (part of a) treatment?

Virtual Reality works because it feels real. This triggers wanted and unwanted physical reactions (and emotions).

What do I need?

Obviously, this depends on what you want. The basic equipment consists of:

  • A relatively new, and fast PC
  • Virtual Reality headset (Oculus Rift CV1)

Please contact us for the latest specifications.

How long can you wear a Virtual Reality headset?

It is wise to gradually get used to wearing the VR headset. Vrendle's videos are good for this. There is no maximum time limit. However, often the "starting VR user" reaches his or her maximum after half an hour. After all, it is an entirely new experience and there is quite a lot to take in in that new virtual world.

Are there any side effects of using Virtual Reality?

It sometimes takes a little while to get used to for people who have their first experience with Virtual Reality. Mild feelings of nausea and headache are common symptoms. However, this has been significantly reduced with the latest generation of Virtual Reality headsets because there is no longer any image delay.

What about people who wear glasses?

People who wear glasses can also use the Virtual Reality headset. It is recommended to take off your own glasses when using Virtual Reality headset.


What is Vrendle?

Vrendle is the main Virtual Reality platform for the (Mental) Healthcare sector, consisting of a community and an online library. The online library with 360-degree videos is used for therapy and training. Thus, Vrendle offers various videos and programmes for care specialists who want to treat clients effectively using the videos.

How does it work?

360-degree videos for therapy, empathy and relaxation are developed jointly with all Founding Fathers. The healthcare institutions share the development costs. Thus, the treatment videos do not need to be developed more than once or in-house. The various 360-degree videos can be used by all affiliated healthcare institutions. This reform of the care sector thus results in cost savings and an improved care experience.


Who creates the content for the library?

It is recommended to use Vrendle's specialists for content creation, or at least to involve them in the process. Obviously, the affiliated organisations can also upload their own content, provided it complies with all technical and content requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Because the Vrendle specialists have many years of experience with 360-degree video, they provide inspiration, guidance and implementation in respect of content creation for many projects.

Are there any requirements for content creation?

Vrendle determines whether the 360-degree video complies with all technical and content requirements. We recommend to have the Vrendle specialists create the content, therefore. Because the specialists of Vrendle have many years of experience with 360-degree video, they provide inspiration, guidance and implementation of content creation for many projects.

Please contact us for more information on technical and content requirements.

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