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What is Vrendle?

Vrendle is an online library of 360-degree videos that are used for treatment, training and relaxation purposes. Various healthcare organisations developed Vrendle together in order to use virtual reality in the healthcare sector.

Library of 360-degree videos

Vrendle offers a wealth of videos and programmes for therapists who can effectively treat clients with the help of virtual reality videos. Healthcare organisations can use all therapies and training sessions available in Vrendle’s online library.

Virtual reality (VR) brings the outside world into the safe environment of the therapy room. The captivating footage will make you believe you are actually standing in the world you see. That is why virtual reality is used for e.g. therapy, training and relaxation.

What does Vrendle offer? 

Virtual Reality (VR) brings the outside world into the safe setting of the therapy room. The engaging images allow you to think you really are in the world that is being depicted. It's for good reason that Virtual Reality is used for therapy, training and relaxation among other things. The images that you see while wearing VR-glasses can consist of video images, a computer-generated 3D environment, or a combination of the two.

In the library, you will find all kinds of videos to help treat patients, which include therapy, training, and relaxation videos.

How much does Vrendle cost? 

Any healthcare organisation, large or small, can use Vrendle. We offer subscriptions that ensure there is a perfect solution for everyone. You can pre-order Vrendle now and start using the system as soon as it launches.

Intensive cooperation

In addition to our subscription format, Vrendle also has Founding Fathers: enthusiastic healthcare institutions that are actively involved in the development of the platform and the therapies. Vrendle develops the 360-degree treatment videos in collaboration with one of the Founding Father institutions. A team of professionals from both organisations very carefully consider both the design of the videos and the treatment plan. If you want to receive more information on the development of these virtual reality treatments, read on.

Want to join? 

Vrendle is a valuable addition to existing therapies and training courses. The use of 360-degree video therapy considerably increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment process. The realistic experience of the VR treatment allows you to simulate any treatment situation.

As a subscriber to Vrendle, you will benefit from, for example:

  • Access to the Vrendle community
  • Access to the Vrendle library
  • Use of all new features

Our goal is to help patients suffering from fears and phobias that impact their daily lives to enjoy life again. 

Would you as a practitioner also like to work with our 360-degree videos to offer your patients effective treatment and improve their quality of life? Please contact us, or leave your number, and we will call you back!  

Vrendle subscription

With the Vrendle subscription you are able to start directly with client treatment. The system is plug & play and we will take care of configuring your account on forehand.

Vrendle subscription
  • VR-laptop and VR-headset
  • Installation, training and servicecontract included
  • Usage of the VR-library
  • Access to the community consisting of participating practicioners
  • A meetup twice a year with the participating practicioners
  • Service and support thanks to a personal Community Manager
  • Implementation support
  • Access to a HBO institution for research assignments
  • Minimal contract duration of 36 months, payment on yearly basis

Start using Vrendle now? 

Let's connect! Get in touch with us and we will help your organisation to integrate and implement virtual reality - from start to finish.

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