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With Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, a person is asked to gradually expose himself to what he or she is afraid of. This is one of the most powerful techniques in behavioural therapy to date.

Tessa struggles with avoidant personality disorder. She wants nothing more than showing her nice, spontaneous self to the unknown outside world. By introducing her to Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, she can gradually control her fears. This can be done in a safe environment, where the therapist guides her through the situation.

Tessa: Being forced to stay at home is like being in prison because I tend to avoid public spaces.   

What if it becomes too much? Then she can just take off the VR glasses. This form of therapy offers a huge number of benefits. For example, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies (VRET) simulate lifelike situations to help patients overcome their fears.

  •        Gradually overcoming fears
  •        Treatment of anxiety disorders
  •        One of the most powerful techniques within behavioural therapy
  •        Proven to be effective
  •        Many years of experience with VR

Vrendle's vision is that human beings should always be the focus of care innovation, not technology. Thus, Virtual Reality can be more than just glasses. This innovation offers unprecedented possibilities for (mental) healthcare.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies (VRET) has proven to be an effective treatment method for people with anxiety disorders. Read more about proven results on the studies page.

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