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Making VR therapies

In recent years, Vrendle’s production team has acquired a great deal of experience with the development of VR therapies. Together with experienced therapists, we strive to achieve the highest possible level of quality and experience. We would be happy to explain the steps involved in such a production.

Step 1

Concept development

A virtual reality production starts with a concept. A healthcare organisation will often have some ideas about possible designs for a production. A production always starts with a practical need. Together with Vrendle’s specialists, we will draw up a powerful concept. 

With the utmost precision, we put together a team for every production consisting of filming specialists and therapists with which we walk through the complete process. We strive to recreate the requested setting in the most realistic way, in order to support the therapy in this way.

The concept is essential. In multiple brainstorms and concept sessions, we look at traditional treatments, situations in daily life and how to reflect these in the production together with the client. We look at all the possibilities, both creative and therapeutic. Will we use actors? Will the video become interactive? What adds to the experience, and what doesn't?

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Step 2

Therapeutic foundation 

An effective concept also requires a therapeutic foundation. That is why we employ experts from the field to ensure that the virtual reality production contributes to the effective treatment and training of patients.

We find it very important to validate our findings and ideas with specialists, this way all of our productions have a therapeutic foundation. On a regular basis, we will ask for feedback with the concerned therapists.

Now that the therapeutic foundation has been created, we will take care of the perfect translation towards an effective immersive Virtual Reality experience. With our long history in (Virtual Reality) video production for healthcare, we serve as 'content architects' for a compelling experience with direct effect.

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Step 3


Once the concept has been developed, the script will be written. We will look for a suitable location, shoot test footage if necessary and draw up a schedule. We will cast the actors, choose the perfect location and draw up a playbook.

Step 4

Briefing of the extras and actors 

For some productions, it is necessary to cast actors and extras. Afterwards, these people will be properly briefed. We will answer any questions they may have to ensure everyone knows what will be expected of them during the shoot.

Step 5

Day of the shoot

The day of the shoot has arrived! Once everyone has been instructed and has prepared for their role, we can enter the set! The playbook outlines what is to be done and when. The director oversees everything going on in front of the camera, while the cameraman makes sure to catch everything on film. The production manager is there to manage the whole process. During the shoot, an expert from the field will be present to offer their assistance if needed. 

The director accompanies the interaction with and around the camera whilst the camera operator takes care of framing and filming in the best way possible. The production leader is responsible for providing the right direction of the production. During the recording, there will be a field expert present for support.

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Step 6


Once everything has been recorded, it is time for the post-processing. Because we use multiple cameras, the footage first has to be put together. This is known as “stitching”. The videos are edited in a logical order. The colours and the audio recording are optimised.

Interactive elements can optionally be added to the Virtual Reality production. For example, the making of a choice that influences the storyline or treatment or the interaction with actors and their remarks.

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Step 7

It's a wrap!

Once the video has been completed and approved by everyone involved, the client can start using the video! The VR therapy will be made available to all associated organisations via the Vrendle library

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